Stringer & MMJ Services Broadcast news is our forte.

This is where we shine.

ARID PRODUCTIONS Provides broadcast quality motion video and still image photography of breaking news events covering all of the USA with a specific focus on the state of Arizona.

Our business is video acquisition for broadcast. When a business like yours needs help with your production projects, that’s when ARID steps into the picture. Our experienced crew specializes in providing the extreme first responder stock, reality video, sporting, and news stringer footage your production demands. Our dramatic footage has been featured on every major televison network worldwide. With a client list like that, we’ve got to be good

We have provided site video for accident research and incident investigators, or event and scene documentation for insurance agencies. We’ve also provided television, cable, and video production services for various live and taped events like documentaries, press conferences, video press releases, fashion shows, industry/trade seminars, educational, instructional, Fire EMS and public safety training videos, sporting events and fund-raisers at some of the Phoenix areas top venues.

Our crews are available at a moments notice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will travel anywhere within the United States. Our average turnaround time from end of shoot to delivery to you, is 30 minutes. We use only the highest quality and most advanced ENG equipment.

We also take an enormous amount of pride in our outstanding working relationship with local PIO's and public service agencies.

If its a live production you need, we can do it.

This is an invitation for you to look us over and give us a try. We’re good. We’re fast. And our quality is superb.

24 Hour Hotline: 800-883-6617

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